The Insightful Leader Live: How Do We Get to a Zero-Carbon Future?
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Archived Webinar Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Insightful Leader Live: How Do We Get to a Zero-Carbon Future?

From record heat and wildfires to rising seas and destructive tropical storms, businesses are realizing that climate change isn’t just a problem for the future; it’s an immediate threat. And addressing and adapting to that threat is good business. But what exactly needs to be done, and how much time do we have to do it? Meghan Busse is an associate professor of strategy and an expert in the economics of energy markets. She will explain how we are doing globally in our efforts to transition to renewable energies, as well as what businesses will need to do—individually and collectively—to put our economy on a more sustainable path.

Meghan Busse joined the Kellogg faculty in 2008 as an Associate Professor of Strategy. Prior to that, she was on the faculty of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and at the Yale School of Management. At Kellogg, she teaches the core strategy course and an elective course on the economics of energy markets. Professor Busse's research focuses on market structure and competition, with particular interest in pricing and price discrimination. She has studied these issues in a variety of industries, including cellular telephones, airlines, coal, and natural gas. Her recent work has focused on the automobile industry, investigating both promotional strategies and environmental issues associated with cars and car purchasing behavior.



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