How Well Do You Understand Digital Advertising?
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Marketing Jul 11, 2018

How Well Do You Under­stand Dig­i­tal Advertising?

Test your knowl­edge and see how it com­pares to the experts’.

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Based on the research and insights of

Brett Gordon

Garrett Johnson

You’ve sure­ly noticed that dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing has become more sophis­ti­cat­ed. Maybe you can recall a pair of shoes that seemed to fol­low you around the web for weeks. Or per­haps, just days after adopt­ing a pup­py, ads for organ­ic dog food popped up in your social-media feeds. 

But how effec­tive are these ads real­ly? And, should you care to, can you get them to stop? We have gath­ered a list of com­mon per­cep­tions — or mis­per­cep­tions — about the indus­try and asked a pair of experts to tease them apart: Which are true and which are false?

Take the quiz below. Then learn from Kellogg’s Brett Gor­don, an asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of mar­ket­ing, and Boston University’s Gar­rett John­son (for­mer­ly a vis­it­ing assis­tant pro­fes­sor at Kel­logg) just how much your per­cep­tions of this quick­ly chang­ing indus­try match reality.

When I go online, websites track a lot of information about my movements and actions.

Digital advertising is so sophisticated that marketers know what I will probably purchase tomorrow.

Most people never click on ads—so they must not really do anything.

Psychographic ad targeting—where people are targeted based on various psychological attributes—has been proven to be especially effective.

Spending on digital advertising is growing quickly and is now as big as spending on TV advertising.

Platforms like Facebook and Google are just trying to sell me things I don't need or want.

Customers demand privacy. So if offered the chance, lots of customers would pay to keep their data completely private on platforms like Facebook.

When I go online, I have no control over what data are collected about me or how ads target me.

Featured Faculty

Brett Gordon

Associate Professor of Marketing

About the Writer

Jessica Love is editor in chief of Kellogg Insight.

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