Benjamin Iverson
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Benjamin Iverson

Member of the Department of Finance faculty until 2017

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11: Which Bankruptcy System Is Better?

In certain markets, forcing companies to liquidate could cause offices and factories to sit empty.

Researchers: Shai Bernstein, Emanuele Colonnelli and Benjamin Iverson

Video: How to Play the Lottery Without Losing

Can we fight the poverty trap with new savings accounts that offer raffle tickets instead of interest?

Researchers: Shawn Cole, Benjamin Iverson and Peter Tufano

March 17, 2016

Finance & Accounting

Maximize the Returns, Lower the Risk

Using the right tools to grow savings and improve investment outcomes.

Researchers: Benjamin Iverson, James Schummer and Willemien Kets

Using the Lure of a Lottery to Spur Savings

Now legal in the US, prize-linked savings accounts use the excitement of a jackpot drawing to encourage people to grow savings.

Researchers: Shawn Cole, Benjamin Iverson and Peter Tufano

Red Ink, Red-Eyed Judges, and the High Costs of Crowded Bankruptcy Courts

The timing of a bankruptcy filing shapes the verdict and has consequences for all of us

Researchers: Benjamin Iverson

April 7, 2014