Bobby Calder
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Bobby Calder

Professor Emeritus of Marketing

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Good Brand Design Appeals to Consumers on an Unconscious Level

An excerpt from “Kellogg on Branding in a Hyper-Connected World” uses an iconic brand—Coca-Cola—to illustrate the power of design thinking.

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder

March 12, 2019


Take 5: How to Build Customer Relationships That Last

Getting—and keeping—customer’s attention can be tough. Kellogg faculty offer tips.

Researchers: Mohanbir S. Sawhney, Bobby J. Calder, Michal Maimaran and Eric Leininger

December 6, 2018


How Businesses Can Best Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads

New research on B2B companies highlights an effective way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Researchers: Wei-Lin Wang, Edward Malthouse, Bobby J. Calder and Ebru Uzunoglu

February 2, 2018


What Is a Brand Really Worth?

A global standard can help executives understand how powerful an asset they have.

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder

August 4, 2017


A New Way for Companies to Measure Consumer Engagement

Brands see value in connecting with customers through meaningful experiences. Research backs this strategy.

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder, Mathew S Isaac and Edward Malthouse

June 8, 2017


People Are Tweeting about Your Products. Will It Boost Sales?

Soliciting user-generated content can be a powerful way to engage customers.

Researchers: Edward Malthouse, Bobby J. Calder, Su Jung Kim and Mark Vandenbosch

December 2, 2016


Reframing the Poverty Problem

Marketing can help address social ills

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder, Richard Kolsky and Maria Flores Letelier

September 1, 2010


Don’t Interrupt Me Now

Media “transportation” and advertising effectiveness

Researchers: Jing Wang and Bobby J. Calder

December 2, 2008