Charles Nathanson
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Charles Nathanson

Associate Professor of Finance

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Higher Taxes Can Make Altruistic Jobs More Attractive

But sub­si­diz­ing these careers may ulti­mate­ly do more good.

Researchers: Benjamin B. Lockwood, Charles Nathanson and E. Glen Weyl

November 2, 2016


Did Irrational Exuberance Cause Vegas’ Housing Bubble?

Why a city sur­round­ed by open land saw prices spike.

Researchers: Charles Nathanson and Eric Zwick

August 3, 2015

Finance & Accounting

Let the Buyer Be Aware

A com­mon error naïve home­buy­ers make helps explain hous­ing boom and bust cycles.

Researchers: Edward Glaeser and Charles Nathanson

Podcast: Steering Clear of Financial Crises

Research into the caus­es of boom and bust cycles in real estate can guide investors.

Researchers: Charles Nathanson, Craig Furfine, David Cocagne and William Michael Bennett