Timothy Calkins
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Timothy Calkins

Clinical Professor of Marketing

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Podcast: Knock Your Next Business Presentation Out of the Park

From eliminating surprises to setting up the room, the best presenters do a lot more than practice.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

February 4, 2019

4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation

Don’t let a lack of prep work sabotage your great ideas.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

September 6, 2018


Building Strong Brands: The Inside Scoop on Branding in the Real World

Tim Calkins’s blog draws lessons from brand missteps and triumphs.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

August 15, 2018


How the NRA Boycotts Force Companies to Walk a Precarious Tightrope

Two Kellogg professors discuss the changing landscape for companies trying to stay neutral in our polarized political climate.

Researchers: Brayden King and Timothy Calkins

March 20, 2018

Social Impact

Podcast: How to Steer Your Company Through a Twitter Firestorm

Plus, engage your customers by establishing your company’s audio brand.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins and Steve Milton

February 13, 2017


Reviving a Brand That’s Lost Its Luster

Return to your roots, rally your team, and emerge a stronger brand.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

November 2, 2016


“Nobody Asked for Uber”

Tim Calkins on profitable growth, strong brands, and delighting your customers.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

January 14, 2016


To Defend or Not to Defend?

What to do when a competitor enters your industry

Researchers: Timothy Calkins

April 3, 2013