David Ferrucci
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David Fer­ruc­ci

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Take 5: How Humans Benefit as Machines Get Smarter

Kel­logg fac­ul­ty explain how human – machine part­ner­ships can improve every­thing from your com­mute to your self-esteem.

Researchers: Brenna Argall, David Ferrucci, Eli J Finkel, Todd Murphey, Rima Touré-Tillery, Brian Uzzi and Adam Waytz

June 8, 2017


Podcast: Will Machines Ever Truly Understand Us?

The rela­tion­ship between humans and com­put­ers is deep­en­ing. What does the future hold?

Researchers: Brian Uzzi, David Ferrucci and Sandra Waxman

December 2, 2016

Watson Is Just the Beginning

How machine learn­ing will change edu­ca­tion, prod­uct devel­op­ment, and decision-making.

Researchers: David Ferrucci

July 6, 2015


Can Computers Make Us Better Thinkers?

IBM Wat­son cre­ator David Fer­ruc­ci on the thought part­ner­ship at the heart of machine learning.

Researchers: David Ferrucci and Brian Uzzi