Edward Malthouse
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Edward Malthouse

Theodore R. and Annie Laurie Sills Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School, Northwestern University

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How Businesses Can Best Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads

New research on B2B companies highlights an effective way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Researchers: Wei-Lin Wang, Edward Malthouse, Bobby J. Calder and Ebru Uzunoglu

February 2, 2018


A New Way for Companies to Measure Consumer Engagement

Brands see value in connecting with customers through meaningful experiences. Research backs this strategy.

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder, Mathew S Isaac and Edward Malthouse

June 8, 2017


People Are Tweeting about Your Products. Will It Boost Sales?

Soliciting user-generated content can be a powerful way to engage customers.

Researchers: Edward Malthouse, Bobby J. Calder, Su Jung Kim and Mark Vandenbosch

December 2, 2016


How We Shop Differently on Our Phones

What’s in your cart? Depends on the device you are using.

Researchers: Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang, Edward Malthouse and Lakshman Krishnamurthi

December 7, 2015


Predicting Customer Lifetime Value

When is it sensible to give perks to customers?

Researchers: Edward Malthouse and Robert C. Blattberg

February 1, 2008