Edward (Ned) Smith
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Edward (Ned) Smith

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations (2013-2021); Associate Professor of Sociology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy)

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Why Are Some People More Reluctant to Network Than Others?

The key seems to be how people perceive their own success and professional value.

Researchers: Jiyin Cao and Edward (Ned) Smith

October 1, 2021


Take 5: The Upside of Failure

A look at the surprising benefits of striking out, and how to make the most of your mistakes.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Dashun Wang, Benjamin F. Jones, Yang Wang, Craig Wortmann, Edward (Ned) Smith, Col. Brian Halloran and Eric T. Anderson

February 10, 2020


Take 5: How to Empower Employees to Be More Creative

Creativity is a potent engine for business. Nurture it without letting office divas run the show.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Leigh Thompson, William Ocasio, Edward (Ned) Smith and Loran Nordgren

August 3, 2017


What Does It Take to Foster a “Culture of Responsibility” like the U.S. Army’s?

An inside look at why soldiers line up to take the blame.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith and Col. Brian Halloran

August 3, 2016

Appointing a Female CEO? Beware of Media Attention

Investors are skittish when new CEOs get lots of press, but only when those leaders are women.

Researchers: Kevin Gaughan, Edward (Ned) Smith and Jason Pierce

June 7, 2016


Companies, Choose Your Name Wisely

The right name can signal that you are a safe bet.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith and Heewon Chae

September 8, 2015

See How the Right Diversity of Skills Can Help Your Team

Mix and match NBA lineups with this infographic.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith and Yuan Hou

February 2, 2015


Podcast: Mining NBA Data for Leadership Lessons

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey and Kellogg School faculty talk data analytics and team composition.

Researchers: J. Keith Murnighan and Edward (Ned) Smith

February 2, 2015


How Diverse Should Your Team Be?

NBA data point to a sweet spot in balancing diversity and similarity of skills.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith and Yuan Hou

February 2, 2015


Too Much Good Press?

A Saudi homeware company’s great reputation might just be hampering its growth.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith

September 2, 2014

Status and the Social Network

Social status determines how individuals approach opportunity under job threat.

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith, Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson

March 3, 2014