Ehud Kalai
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Ehud Kalai

Professor Emeritus of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences; Director of the Center for Games and Economic Behavior

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What Game Theory Can Teach Us about RICO Prosecutions

“If you’re on trial with 17 other people, the fear that somebody else will confess becomes much more realistic.”

Researchers: Ehud Kalai

March 19, 2024


To Bluff or Not to Bluff

Game theory says it’s pure mathematics. But human psychology matters, too.

Researchers: Ehud Kalai and Kent Grayson

March 2, 2015


Firming Up the Foundations of Game Theory

Elucidating the role of information in strategic interactions

Researchers: Olivier Gossner, Ehud Kalai and Robert Weber

May 1, 2011