Eric Leininger
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Eric Leininger

Clinical Professor of Executive Education

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How Have Top Marketers Responded to the Pandemic? With Rapid Innovation.

Leaders in industries from healthcare to casual dining are fast-tracking changes to the customer experience. Here are four of their stories.

Researchers: Eric Leininger, Nicholas Caffentzis, Gregory Carpenter, Patricia Corsi, Joel Yashinsky, Sandra Moore and Dana Krueger

June 11, 2020


When Building Your Brand, First Find Your Purpose

A conversation with the CMO of online bank Ally about staying committed to your company’s purpose as the organization grows.

Researchers: Eric Leininger and Andrea Brimmer

April 3, 2020


How Tech Giant SAP Built Its Brand with Help from Employee Stories

A conversation with CMO Alicia Tillman.

Researchers: Eric Leininger and Alicia Tillman

March 6, 2019


Take 5: How to Build Customer Relationships That Last

Getting—and keeping—customer’s attention can be tough. Kellogg faculty offer tips.

Researchers: Mohanbir S. Sawhney, Bobby J. Calder, Michal Maimaran and Eric Leininger

December 6, 2018


How Marketing Leaders Can Thrive Amidst “Tectonic” Shifts in Expectations

Four experts discuss CMOs’ unique opportunity to drive growth and collaboration across their companies.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Eric Leininger, Diane Brink and Jim Stengel

October 1, 2018


The Secret to Ulta Beauty’s Success: Joy

A Q&A with Ulta’s marketing head on how consumer insights helped a brick-and-mortar chain thrive in the age of Amazon.

Researchers: Eric Leininger and David Kimbell

March 6, 2017


Remaking Marketing Organizations for a Data-Driven World

A Q&A with United Airlines’ CMO on how to avoid becoming “an artifact of a prior era.”

Researchers: Thomas O'Toole and Eric Leininger

September 13, 2016


5 Ways to Attract and Retain Data Scientists

How directly contributing to the business can help analytics talent thrive.

Researchers: Eric Leininger

October 15, 2015

Data Analytics