Jan A. Van Mieghem
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Jan A. Van Mieghem

Harold L. Stuart Distinguished Professor of Managerial Economics, Professor of Operations

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Attention Passengers: Your Next Flight Will Likely Arrive Early. Here’s Why.

The rea­son has less to do with planes and air­port logis­tics than a strate­gic move by airlines.

Researchers: Dennis J. Zhang, Yuval Salant and Jan A. Van Mieghem

November 6, 2018


How “Speed Factories” Help Companies Adapt to Capricious Consumers

For cer­tain trendy prod­ucts, these local but expen­sive plants can be a smart investment.

Researchers: Robert Boute, Stephen M. Disney and Jan A. Van Mieghem

July 3, 2018


How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture Overseas Versus at Home?

A new tool helps com­pa­nies cal­cu­late whether to off­shore, man­u­fac­ture local­ly, or dual source.

Researchers: Robert Boute and Jan A. Van Mieghem

July 10, 2017


How to Predict Demand for Your New Product

Rely­ing on man­ag­er exper­tise and mar­ket research may not be enough.

Researchers: Kejia Hu, Jason Acimovic, Francisco Erize, Doug Thomas and Jan A. Van Mieghem

March 10, 2017


A Gentle Nudge Can Increase Participation in MOOCs

Reminders to col­lab­o­rate ben­e­fit stu­dents in mas­sive open online courses.

Researchers: Dennis J. Zhang, Gad Allon and Jan A. Van Mieghem

December 7, 2015


When Collaboration Takes a Toll on Productivity

A look at the cost of col­lab­o­ra­tion among high­ly skilled workers.

Researchers: Jan A. Van Mieghem, Itai Gurvich, Lu Wang and Kevin J. O'Leary

July 6, 2015

From Web Visits to Firm Orders

Ana­lyz­ing web vis­i­tor click data to stream­line sales efforts

Researchers: Tingliang Huang and Jan A. Van Mieghem

December 1, 2010


Global Dual Sourcing Strategies

Should you source your car­bon fiber bicy­cle frames from Mex­i­co or China?

Researchers: Gad Allon and Jan A. Van Mieghem

June 1, 2009