Jonathan A. Parker
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Jonathan A. Parker

Member of the Department of Finance faculty from 2007 to 2013

Why Debt Markets Collapse

Information is key

Researchers: Michael J. Fishman and Jonathan A. Parker

October 1, 2012

Finance & Accounting

Riding the High Income Wave

High earners ride higher, but rougher, economic waves

Researchers: Jonathan A. Parker and Annette Vissing-Jørgensen

August 1, 2011



What happened to the 2008 stimulus checks

Researchers: Jonathan A. Parker, Nicholas S. Souleles, David S. Johnson and Robert McClelland

August 1, 2010


The Impact of the 2008 Tax Rebates on Consumer Spending

A first look at the evidence

Researchers: Christian Broda and Jonathan A. Parker

August 1, 2008


Averting a Recession

Does a tax rebate work?

Researchers: David S. Johnson, Jonathan A. Parker and Nicholas S. Souleles

March 1, 2008