Klaus Weber
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Klaus Weber

Thomas G. Ayers Chair in Energy Resource Management; Professor of Management and Organizations

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Climate Change Is Transforming the Economy. How Will Your Company Adapt?

“Until organizations learn to internalize the threat, they’re in danger of falling behind.”

Researchers: Klaus Weber

March 21, 2019


Take 5: How to Encourage Innovative Thinking

Kellogg faculty on what it takes to ensure your new product or great idea takes off.

Researchers: Brian Uzzi, Benjamin F. Jones, Kelly Goldsmith, Klaus Weber and Loran Nordgren

April 7, 2017


Is Reading Someone’s Emails Like Entering Their Home?

How conceptions of privacy change over time and how analogies pave the way.

Researchers: Kartikeya Bajpai and Klaus Weber

May 5, 2016

Design Thinking Isn’t Always the Answer

The most durable solutions for social change come from within communities.

Researchers: Klaus Weber

December 7, 2015

Social Impact

Corporate Activism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

An interview about how social movements continue to shape corporate behavior.

Researchers: Brayden King and Klaus Weber

March 3, 2014

Social Impact

The Hidden Drivers of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Understanding the impact of everyday interactions can help rally support for initiatives.

Researchers: Klaus Weber

March 4, 2013

Social Impact

Developing Stock Exchanges In Developing Countries

The impetus for a new stock exchange can determine its fate

Researchers: Klaus Weber, Gerald F. Davis and Michael Lounsbury

June 1, 2011

The Fall of German Biotech

How the anti-biotech movement tripped up once-pioneering firms

Researchers: Klaus Weber, Hayagreeva Rao and L.G. Thomas

January 1, 2011

Sustainability Is a Team Effort

Corporate sustainability works best when employees are stakeholders

Researchers: Sara Soderstrom and Klaus Weber

September 1, 2010

Social Impact

Growing Socially Responsible Markets

Grass-fed meat and dairy products

Researchers: Klaus Weber, Kathryn Heinze and Michaela De Soucey

April 1, 2009

Social Impact

How to Map and Compare Culture Across Firms

Cultural differences between U.S. and German pharmaceutical companies due to nationality have decreased since the 1980s

Researchers: Klaus Weber

July 1, 2007