Michal Maimaran
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Michal Maimaran

Research Associate Professor and Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing

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A New Way to Persuade Kids to Drink More Water and Less Soda

Get­ting chil­dren to make healthy choic­es is tricky — and the wrong mes­sage can backfire.

Researchers: Szu-chi Huang, Daniella Kupor, Michal Maimaran and Andrea Weihrauch

September 10, 2018


Take 5: The Science of Back-to-School Season

Why send­ing your kid to the best” school may back­fire, and oth­er edu­ca­tion research from Kel­logg faculty.

Researchers: Jörg L. Spenkuch, Michal Maimaran, Aparna Labroo, Ping Dong, Nicole Stephens and Nicola Bianchi

August 3, 2018

Social Impact

How to Design a Stellar Customer Experience

The Zap­pos of the world are redefin­ing expec­ta­tions. What­ev­er your indus­try, you need to keep up.

Researchers: Michal Maimaran and John Schroeder

March 5, 2018


Are You Offering Your Children Too Many Choices?

Decid­ing between an abun­dance of options leads to less engage­ment with the final choice.

Researchers: Michal Maimaran

September 5, 2017


Parents, Listen Up! (Kids, Never Mind!)

Mar­keters should tout the health ben­e­fits of their food prod­ucts to par­ents — but shouldn’t let chil­dren get wind of them.

Researchers: Michal Maimaran and Ayelet Fishbach

June 2, 2014