Roberta Sinatra
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Rober­ta Sinatra

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Career Successes Come in Clusters

Bursts of bril­liance hap­pen for almost every­one. Explore the hot streaks” of thou­sands of direc­tors, artists and sci­en­tists in our graphic.

Researchers: Lu Liu, Yang Wang, C. Lee Giles, Chaoming Song, Roberta Sinatra and Dashun Wang

July 11, 2018


Why a Scientist’s Big Break May Be Just Around the Corner

Researchers, have hope: your most suc­cess­ful paper can occur at any point in your career.

Researchers: Roberta Sinatra, Dashun Wang, Pierre Deville, Chaoming Song and Albert-László Barabási

November 2, 2016