Sandeep Baliga
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Sandeep Baliga

John L. and Helen Kellogg Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

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Why Do Long Wars Happen?

War is a highly inefficient way of dividing contested resources—yet conflicts endure when there are powerful incentives to feign strength.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga and Tomas Sjöström

September 1, 2023


Take 5: Democracies and How They Thrive

A look at this form of government at a time when democracy is under stress around the world.

Researchers: Georgy Egorov, Ameet Morjaria, Sandeep Baliga, Nancy Qian and and coauthors

Why Sanctions Against Russia Are Falling Short

Game theory offers an explanation.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga

April 29, 2022


How Auctions­ Help Solve Some of the World’s Most Complicated Problems

Whenever you turn your lights on, query Google, or stream a video on your phone, it’s likely an auction happened in the background. Our faculty discuss the decades of research that helped make auctions so ubiquitous.

Researchers: Robert Weber, Jeroen Swinkels, Sandeep Baliga, James Schummer and Joshua Mollner

November 11, 2020


How Business Leaders Can Prepare for a Cyberattack

The former head of U.S. Cyber Command explains why any company can be a target.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga and Michael Rogers

November 1, 2019


One Nation Invades Another. What Will Happen Next?

Game theory reveals why some conflicts escalate and others don’t.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga and Tomas Sjöström

How Governments Can Better Defend Themselves Against Cyberattacks

The threat of retaliation can keep the peace. But that assumes you know who is attacking you.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga, Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Alexander Wolizky

August 3, 2018


Is an Unpredictable Leader Good for National Security?

Think the goal is to keep your enemies guessing? Game theory suggests otherwise.

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga

June 19, 2017


Is the Sunk Cost Fallacy Actually Smart Business?

It is a mistake—but a useful one

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga and Jeffrey Ely

May 5, 2013


A Strategy for Peace

How world leaders should react to provocateurs

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga and Tomas Sjöström

May 2, 2012


Is Democracy Good for Peace?

Limited democracies and weak dictators may escalate conflicts

Researchers: Sandeep Baliga, David O. Lucca and Tomas Sjöström

January 1, 2011


Seeing Profit Despite Misunderstood Pricing Strategy

Implications in real-world market situations

Researchers: Nabil Al-Najjar, Sandeep Baliga and David A. Besanko

December 1, 2008