Sarit Markovich
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Sarit Markovich

Clinical Professor of Strategy and Associate Chair of the Strategy Department

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Contact Tracing Is Failing in the U.S. Here’s How to Fix It.

For starters, turn responsibility over to local organizations and communities, where trust is higher.

Researchers: Sarit Markovich

March 1, 2021


The Blockchain Revolution Has Reached a Crossroads. What’s Next?

Bitcoin and its ilk need to become more efficient without losing their trademark decentralization.

Researchers: Sarit Markovich

October 2, 2018


New Cryptocurrencies, Same Old Problems

Why we won’t see a Bitcoin takeover any time soon.

Researchers: Sarit Markovich

February 2, 2018


Let Business Be Your Muse: Turn Your Workplace Wisdom into Haiku

Join Kellogg’s strategy faculty in putting your favorite lessons into verse.

Researchers: David Dranove, Meghan Busse, Thomas N. Hubbard and Sarit Markovich

February 1, 2016


A Crowdfunding App that Pays the Bills

A startup in Kenya captures an underserved market.

Researchers: Sarit Markovich

September 8, 2015