Shyam Sunder
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Shyam Sunder

Member of the Department of Accounting Information and Management faculty between 2002 and 2010

Who Else Is Affected by Activist Investors?

Debtholders are bystanders with a lot on the line.

Researchers: Jayanthi Sunder, Shyam Sunder and Wan Wongsunwai

December 7, 2015

Banks, Bonds, and Accounting Quality

Poor financial reporting can determine your lending options

Researchers: Sreedhar Bharath, Jayanthi Sunder and Shyam Sunder

July 1, 2009

Savvy Financial Analysts Adapt to Regulation ‘Fair Disclosure’

The 2000 law has pushed analysts to seek independent information - to the benefit of the investors they advise

Researchers: Partha Mohanram and Shyam Sunder

May 1, 2007