Song Yao
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Song Yao

Member of the Department of Marketing faculty until 2017

Hate Commercial Breaks? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

There’s a hidden value to ads during TV shows.

Researchers: Song Yao, Yuxin Chen and Wenbo Wang

July 1, 2016


How Important Is User-Generated Content?

An episode of censorship in China sheds light on the power of customers talking about brands on social media.

Researchers: Stephan Seiler, Song Yao and Wenbo Wang

March 7, 2016


Balancing Results and Revenue

Tweaking keyword auctions to benefit search engines and Internet users

Researchers: Song Yao and Carl F. Mela

October 1, 2012


Increasing Revenue from Online Auctions

Buyer-seller interactions affect customer value in two-sided markets

Researchers: Song Yao and Carl F. Mela

January 1, 2011