Tanya Menon
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Tanya Menon

Conspiracy Theories Abound. Here’s How to Curb Their Allure.

A new study shows how feel­ing more in con­trol can lim­it con­spir­a­to­r­i­al thinking.

Researchers: Jennifer A. Whitson, Joongseo Kim, Cynthia S. Wang, Tanya Menon and Brian D. Webster

August 7, 2018

Three Ways Leaders Can Solve the “People Problems” That Hold Teams Back

Some­times the con­fer­ence room should be a box­ing ring, oth­er times a campfire.

Researchers: Leigh Thompson and Tanya Menon

November 2, 2016


Status and the Social Network

Social sta­tus deter­mines how indi­vid­u­als approach oppor­tu­ni­ty under job threat

Researchers: Edward (Ned) Smith, Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson

March 3, 2014


Get Over Yourself

Why we think we’re forces to be reck­oned with

Researchers: Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson

May 1, 2010