Timothy Feddersen
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Timothy Feddersen

Wendell Hobbs Professor of Managerial Politics; Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences; Chair of Personnel Committee

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What Strong Crisis Leadership Looks Like during the Pandemic

COVID-19 is providing a crash course in crisis management. Leaders who display empathy, transparency, and aspiration will stand out.

Researchers: Timothy Feddersen

April 2, 2020


The Downside of Transparent Decision Making

Why you’ll get a better recommendation from a committee that deliberates behind closed doors.

Researchers: Ronen Gradwohl and Timothy Feddersen

January 4, 2018


Rationalization in Decision Making

Why we don’t always choose our favorite option

Researchers: Vadim Cherepanov, Timothy Feddersen and Alvaro Sandroni

July 1, 2009


Majority Rules

Group design influences the information that members share, says David Austen-Smith, who is identifying incentives to speak the truth

Researchers: David Austen-Smith and Timothy Feddersen

April 18, 2007

Politics & Elections

Judging the Jury Vote

Explaining the pitfalls of total agreement

Researchers: Timothy Feddersen and Wolfgang Pesendorfer

April 7, 2007