Victoria Medvec
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Victoria Medvec

Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management & Organizations; Executive Director of the Center for Executive Women

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Take 5: How to Be Prepared for Important Career Moments

Expert advice on getting ready to network, negotiate, or make your case to the CEO.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins, Craig Wortmann, Victoria Medvec, Rob Apatoff and Ellen Taaffe

November 4, 2019


Take 5: How to Take Charge of Your Professional Development

Kellogg faculty offer advice for every stage of your career.

Researchers: Diane Brink, Harry M. Kraemer, Victoria Medvec, William Ocasio and Ellen Taaffe

January 2, 2019


What Will It Take to Get More Women on Boards?

Women make up less than a fifth of corporate board members. Changing that is a business imperative.

Researchers: Victoria Medvec

July 6, 2018


Five Ways Women Can Negotiate More Effectively

How to advocate for yourself at critical points in your career.

Researchers: Victoria Medvec

March 1, 2018


When Should Leaders Own a Decision and When Should They Delegate?

Here are four questions to consider to become a more efficient decision-maker.

Researchers: Victoria Medvec

October 2, 2017


Sight Over Sound

Mode of communication matters in negotiations

Researchers: Roderick Swaab, Adam D. Galinsky, Victoria Medvec and Daniel Diermeier

September 1, 2011