Diversity in Teams
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Diversity in Teams

Kellogg’s first Chief Diversity Officer Summit brings together leading CDOs from the corporate, higher education, government, military and nonprofit sectors to discuss the latest academic research, trends and leading practices in diversity and inclusion.

We have a deep commitment to diversity through every aspect of our school, including students, faculty, administration and alumni. Here we share an assortment of our most popular diversity articles from Kellogg Insight, which applies the research and expertise of our faculty to the broader business community.


How Diverse Should Your Team Be?

NBA data point to a sweet spot in balancing diversity and similarity of skills.

Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace

Leaders should treat generational diversity as an asset, not a liability.


Hirable Like Me

Interviewers favor applicants who remind them of themselves

Women as leaders tend to do better in ethnically diverse environments .

Leaders Do Matter—But When Does Their Gender Matter, Too?

Countries with high levels of ethnic diversity often suffer from slow economic growth—unless there is a woman in charge


Want to Work in Science? Men Have the Advantage

How gender discrimination affects hiring

Politics & Elections

The Teddy Bear Effect

Does a babyface benefit black CEOs?

Diversity in the workplace, especially diversity in groups, can boost performance.

Better Decisions Through Diversity

Heterogeneity can boost group performance