Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2018
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Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2018

Kellogg Reunion 2018 will feature many of the Kellogg School's distinguished faculty presenting on topics vital to business leaders. Here is a collection of their research and expertise.

Visit the reunion homepage for more information.

A robot fills out a tax form.

How a “Robot Tax” Could Reduce Income Inequality

This tax can also be part of a plan to improve the economy as a whole.

Business leaders assess risk in decision making.

When Should Leaders Own a Decision and When Should They Delegate?

Here are four questions to consider to become a more efficient decision-maker.

Two data analysts sort marbles.
Data Analytics

How a Good Analytics Strategy Can Become the Victim of Its Own Success

The best firms “purposely mess stuff up” to get the data they need to grow.


Age and Great Invention

Scientists who make breakthroughs are older than ever

Write Your Own Script

High-performance negotiating tips for women.

Self-reflection improves leadership over time

How Self-Reflection Can Make You a Better Leader

Setting aside 15 minutes a day can help you prioritize, prepare, and build a stronger team

The syndicated loans market follows a seasonal cycle.
Finance & Accounting

The Puzzling Case of Why Syndicated Loans Are Cheaper in June than January

Research shows that interest rates are lower for borrowers who can plan ahead.

A high performing superstar employee stands out and receives the spotlight for his hard work.

How to Nurture Your Superstar Employees

Focus on these three traits to help your top performers flourish—and stick around.

Companies should adopt intentional leadership strategies since developing leaders internally is critical to success.

Four Strategies for Cultivating Strong Leaders Internally

A retired brigadier general explains how companies can prioritize talent development.


The First Eighteen Months

An interview with Rob Wolcott about surviving as a corporate innovator


The Second-Mover Advantage

A primer on how late-entering companies can compete with pioneers.


Fixing the Next Mortgage Crisis

What if mortgages could be refinanced automatically?

Entrepreneurs can use time constraints to their advantage.

Four Ways Innovators Can Use Time to Their Advantage

For creative success, here’s when to hustle and when to reflect.

Deliver the right products by collecting customer feedback.

Turning Problems into Profit

A transportation entrepreneur shows how to launch and grow a B2B start-up.

people engage in conflict with swords

Podcast: Tips for Managing Conflict at Work

From cross-cultural conflict to annoying coworkers, there are ways to deftly diffuse tension on teams.