Focus on Workplace Culture
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Focus on Workplace Culture

Corporate culture is more than just making sure everybody gets along. Culture influences how teammates communicate, affects customer-facing results and helps create innovation-driven teams.

Read more for insight from Kellogg faculty on how to create a culture of ideas that inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.

Integrity in corporate culture may feel like two opposing forces competing, but while costly it can bring high returns

Corporate Culture—Not Lip Service—Counts

Establishing a bona fide “culture of integrity” can be costly for a corporation, but the economic returns are real

Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace

Leaders should treat generational diversity as an asset, not a liability.

An employee struggles to show empathy in the workplace.

I (Don’t) Feel Your Pain

Having been there does not always increase empathy.

Workplace entitlement demonstrated by an opera diva.

Does Creativity Breed Entitlement?

Companies that put creative employees on a pedestal encourage bad behavior.

three generations of a family business

How a Family Business Can Capitalize on Its Unique Culture

You need a different playbook when the CEO is your sister.

A vampire unethical boss tries to request unethical behavior from an employee.

How to Protect Yourself from an Unethical Boss

To ward off immoral requests, take a lesson from vampire lore.

Is Your Company Culture Too Strong?

A diversity of viewpoints can help organizations weather disruption.

A woman with high pedigree prepares for an interview.

A Tilted Playing Field

New research finds bias in elite professional services hiring.