Kellogg on Consumer Finance
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Kellogg on Consumer Finance

The Kellogg FinTech Conference will feature many of The Kellogg School's distinguished faculty presenting on topics vital to business leaders, researchers and policymakers. Here is a collection of Kellogg faculty research and expertise on the subject.

Financial advisors give financial advice to clients.
Finance & Accounting

What Good Is a Financial Advisor?

They may have your best interests in mind, but that doesn’t mean their advice is sound.

Researchers find that the permanent income hypothesis does not hold up, and a loss of income does affect household spending.
Finance & Accounting

How the 2013 Government Shutdown Affected Workers’ Household Spending

Even temporary income dips lead to a surprising degree of belt-tightening.

A homeowner uses the value of their home to buy things.
Finance & Accounting

Why Are We So Quick to Borrow When the Value of Our Home Rises?

The reason isn’t as simple as just feeling wealthier.

Finance & Accounting

Let the Buyer Be Aware

A common error naïve homebuyers make helps explain housing boom and bust cycles.

Finance & Accounting

Is Your Household Liquid Enough?

Ample cash reserves aid households when faced with the unexpected.


Fixing the Next Mortgage Crisis

What if mortgages could be refinanced automatically?

Unemployment Insurance helps people save their houses

The Hidden Benefits of Unemployment Insurance

A pioneering study reveals that the benefits of unemployment insurance include reductions in mortgage defaults and improved access to credit.