Special Collection: Enlightened Disagreement
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Special Collection: Enlightened Disagreement

The Center for Enlightened Disagreement will assemble top academics to educate leaders and students on the power of diverse perspectives. To commemorate the center’s launch, Kellogg Insight has compiled a collection featuring research from center co-directors Eli J. Finkel and Nour S. Kteily, as well as other Kellogg faculty.

Nour S. Kteily

How Former Enemies Can Develop Trust

A simple intervention can help diffuse animosity toward onetime armed foes, a study shows.

two people look through monoculars at money bags
Social Impact

Why Do Some People See Inequality Where Others Don’t?

A new study helps explain societies’ deeply polarized views on bias and discrimination.

Social standing affects the level of empathy in an office.

How Much Empathy Do You Feel When Powerful People Suffer?

What about less powerful people? Your answers likely depend on how egalitarian you are.

People's views on inequality depend on whether they support social hierarchies.

Why Do You See the World as More Fair Than I Do?

The amount of racism or classism you perceive likely depends on how much you favor social hierarchies.

four groups engage in conflict

The Psychology Behind Conflict—and When It Can Be Harnessed for Good

A conversation about the role conflict plays in organizations and communities.

Eli J. Finkel
two people cut a U.S. map with scissors
Politics & Elections

One Nation, Too Divided?

Political sectarianism is rampant in the U.S. Three experts discuss whether we can remain united.

people engage in conflict with swords
Politics & Elections

The Political Divide in America Goes Beyond Polarization and Tribalism

These days, political identity functions a lot like religious identity.

people building a bridge, with blue bricks from the left side and red bricks from the right side
Politics & Elections

4 Science-Backed Strategies to Curb Partisan Animosity

Vilification of the other side is at a fever pitch. But research suggests ways to bridge the gap.

people engage in conflict with swords

Podcast: Tips for Managing Conflict at Work

From cross-cultural conflict to annoying coworkers, there are ways to deftly diffuse tension on teams.

Additional research from Kellogg faculty:
employees look out a business window at protestors

Hoping to Drive Social Change at Work? Here’s a Tip.

Certain social movement hashtags and labels could turn off the allies you want to recruit.

two men point fingers at each other while talking
Social Impact

Why Accusations of Discrimination Often Morph into Debates about Free Speech

A study of the psychology behind this common rhetorical tactic.

person climbing a small ladder against a wall with longer ladders

How COVID Changed the Way Americans Think about Economic Inequality

For some, the pandemic laid bare the social factors that can keep people down. But not everyone adopted a new perspective.

CEO looks out window at protesters
Social Impact

Why Companies Should Engage with Activists

As calls for social change grow louder, corporations that stay silent risk alienating both customers and employees.