Special Collection: Generative AI
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Special Collection: Generative AI

The rapid advancement of generative AI holds immense potential to transform the economy and how work is done. Kellogg faculty offer insights and research findings in this curated collection, sent exclusively to Kellogg alumni participating in “Driving Business Impact with Generative AI” with professor Mohanbir Sawhney.

explorers in a cave full of treasure

ChatGPT Has Arrived. What’s a Manager to Do?

4 tips for leading a team in an age of generative AI.

robot waiter serves couple in restaurant

2 Factors Will Determine How Much AI Transforms Our Economy

They’ll also dictate how workers stand to fare.

woman holding globe and flat earth

How to Prepare for AI-Generated Misinformation

“We have to be careful not to get distracted by sci-fi issues and focus on concrete risks that are the most pressing.”

doctors offices in small nodules

Will AI Eventually Replace Doctors?

Maybe not entirely. But the doctor–patient relationship is likely to change dramatically.

Rockstars await a job interview.

Will AI Kill Human Creativity?

What Fake Drake tells us about what’s ahead.

an accountant and a robot accountant wearing green visors work back-to-back at desks.

Which Workers Suffer Most When New Technology Arrives?

It’s not necessarily who you think.