Articles on Women in Business
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Articles on Women in Business

Kellogg’s world-renowned faculty share their research and insights into issues facing women in the workplace, as well as tips from their experiences in the corporate world.

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Women are subject to greater gender bias when evaluated using certain ratings scales.

Numeric Performance Reviews Can Be Biased Against Women

The ten-point scale favors men in some situations. But a simple change to the rating system can level the playing field.

A group of coworkers sit in various chairs.

How to Make Inclusivity More Than Just an Office Buzzword

Tips for turning good intentions into actions.

A woman shakes a man's hand.

Are Women More Ethical at the Negotiating Table? It’s Complicated.

Plus, how women are judged differently when they break the rules.

Women supporting other women into the c-suite

Getting More Women into the C-Suite Means Keeping Them in the Talent Pipeline

Dean Sally Blount on supporting women through three “pivot points” in their careers.

Negative economic news can lead voters to perceive women as less capable candidates.
Politics & Elections

Are Voters Biased Against Female Politicians?

In many cases, no. But economic anxiety can ignite powerful gender stereotypes.

The role of gender in telling the truth in negotiation.

Are You Willing to Stretch the Truth While Negotiating?

It may depend on your gender and whom you are representing.

A woman negotiations at her job.

Five Ways Women Can Negotiate More Effectively

How to advocate for yourself at critical points in your career.


What Will It Take to Get More Women on Boards?

Women make up less than a fifth of corporate board members. Changing that is a business imperative.

Woman and man on scale

The State of Gender and Equality

An interview with Alice Eagly

Woman shoots arrow

Launch Your Career on the Right Trajectory

How women can maximize the post-college decade.

Executive with restricted choices

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Women lend women a helping hand to obtain top positions

Friend and business connections require outreach.

Women and Math, the Gender Gap Bridged

Social equality frees women to match men


Want to Work in Science? Men Have the Advantage

How gender discrimination affects hiring

Woman in a spotlight

The Importance of Appearing Savvy

Women especially benefit from knowing market rates for car repairs

Female leadership styles reduce the likelihood of worker layoffs.

Is There a Female Leadership Style?

Data suggests the answer is “Yes”

CEO appointments are met differently for women than men.

Appointing a Female CEO? Beware of Media Attention

Investors are skittish when new CEOs get lots of press, but only when those leaders are women.

Corporate climber chooses second act.

You’ve Climbed the Corporate Ladder. What’s Next?

How to create a meaningful “second act” for your career.

Parents' belief in traditional gender roles can affect daughters' math performance.

Daughters’ Math Scores Suffer When They Grow Up in a Family That’s Biased Towards Sons

Parents, your children are taking their cues about gender roles from you.