Women in Senior Leadership
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Women in Senior Leadership

With an emphasis on practical learning and talent development, the Kellogg Women's Senior Leadership Program equips women with the knowledge and tools needed to elevate themselves to the C-suite and beyond.

Here we share an assortment of our most popular leadership articles from Kellogg Insight, which apply the research and expertise of our faculty to the broader business community.

Women supporting other women into the c-suite

Getting More Women into the C-Suite Means Keeping Them in the Talent Pipeline

Dean Sally Blount on supporting women through three “pivot points” in their careers.

A business leader communicates complex ideas to a circle of employees.

Six Tools for Communicating Complex Ideas

Business leaders need to know how to make their information stick.

Data science 101 helps a leader understand data analytics.
Data Analytics

A Leader’s Guide to Data Analytics

A working knowledge of data science can help you lead with confidence.

Employees use a conference room as a boxing ring.

Three Ways Leaders Can Solve the “People Problems” That Hold Teams Back

Sometimes the conference room should be a boxing ring, other times a campfire.

A woman contemplates "fake it until you make it"

Fake It Until You Make It? Not So Fast

How we compensate when we can’t be our authentic selves.

Leadership of a high-impact team requires strategy

5 Strategies for Leading a High-Impact Team

Why “teams are not cocktail parties,” and other words of wisdom.

Keeping employees motivated when there's no ladder to climb can be tough.

How to Keep Employees Motivated in the Absence of Promotions

Other incentives can keep employees happy in flat organizations.

Female leadership styles reduce the likelihood of worker layoffs.

Is There a Female Leadership Style?

Data suggests the answer is “Yes”

Women as leaders tend to do better in ethnically diverse environments .

Leaders Do Matter—But When Does Their Gender Matter, Too?

Countries with high levels of ethnic diversity often suffer from slow economic growth—unless there is a woman in charge