Video: How Leaders Build Trust
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Leadership Jul 7, 2017

Video: How Leaders Build Trust

“Values-based leaders” know that lip service is not enough.

A leader guides followers.

Enis Aksoy

Based on insights from

Harry M. Kraemer

Cecily Cooper

Business leaders—and the companies they lead—thrive in environments of mutual trust. Build a strong team, treat them fairly, show them that you trust them and you will be ready to handle even the most adverse situations, be it a down quarter, a bumpy product rollout, or a scandal.

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Harry Kraemer, a clinical professor of strategy at the Kellogg School, describes how values-based leadership is a critical component to gaining employees’ trust.

Cecily Cooper, an associate professor of management at the University of Miami School of Management, provides strategies to bolster trust across your entire organization—especially when the going gets tough.

The Trust Project is a unique body of knowledge, connecting scholars and executives from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, research, and actionable insights in a series of videos for research and management. Learn more about the project and its development in conjunction with the Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative.

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