Alexander Chernev
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Alexander Chernev

Professor of Marketing

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How Has Marketing Changed over the Past Half-Century?

Phil Kotler’s groundbreaking textbook came out 55 years ago. Sixteen editions later, he and coauthor Alexander Chernev discuss how big data, social media, and purpose-driven branding are moving the field forward.

Researchers: Philip Kotler and Alexander Chernev

January 21, 2022


Take 5: What Good Does It Do a Company to Do Good?

Kellogg faculty look at how ESG initiatives are received by investors, customers, and employees.

Researchers: Aaron Yoon, Ravi Jagannathan, Jacob D. Teeny, Alexander Chernev, Brayden King and and coauthors

January 4, 2022

Finance & Accounting

Are Customers Skeptical of Eco-friendly Products?

New research pushes back on the idea that consumers reflexively distrust the performance of these products.

Researchers: Alexander Chernev and Sean Blair

July 1, 2021


Take 5: How to Be a Savvy Holiday Shopper

Kellogg researchers explain the psychology of consumer decision-making.

Researchers: Achal Bassamboo, Ulf Bockenholt, Alexander Chernev, Ata Jami, Michal Maimaran, Blakeley B. McShane and Yuval Salant

December 6, 2019


Take 5: The Psychology of Healthy Eating

Opting for a salad instead of a steak can be hard. Research from Kellogg can help.

Researchers: Alexander Chernev, Rima Touré-Tillery, Michal Maimaran, Yuval Salant, David A. Matsa and Nancy Qian

June 4, 2019


Take 5: How Companies Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is in vogue. And it can help a firm’s bottom line.

Researchers: Thomas Lys, James Naughton, Sunil Chopra, Dylan Minor, Alexander Chernev, Shannon Schuyler and Megan Kashner

March 1, 2018

Social Impact

Take 5: Holiday Shopping

Our faculty explain the reasoning behind some common shopping scenarios.

Researchers: Ulf Bockenholt, Alexander Chernev, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Martin Lariviere and Blakeley B. McShane

December 5, 2017


When Are Consumers Most Likely to Feel Overwhelmed by Their Options?

Research points to four predictors of “choice overload.”

Researchers: Blakeley B. McShane, Ulf Bockenholt, Alexander Chernev and Joseph Goodman

October 3, 2017


You Can Taste the Benevolence

If your customers know you donate to charity, will they like your products more?

Researchers: Alexander Chernev and Sean Blair

December 7, 2015


When Two Products Are Less Than One

Why Bundling Can Sometimes Hurt Sales

Researchers: Aaron Brough and Alexander Chernev

September 2, 2013


A Dieting Conundrum

Why dieters underestimate calorie counts of meals

Researchers: Alexander Chernev

January 1, 2012


Corralling Consumer Choice

Optimizing assortment size based on perceived attractiveness

Researchers: Alexander Chernev and Ryan Hamilton

June 1, 2010


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

How loss-aversion influences choice

Researchers: Alexander Chernev

September 1, 2009


Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

Performance perceptions of multi-feature products

Researchers: Alexander Chernev

November 1, 2008


Unsure What to Order?

Decisions are easier when everything is priced the same

Researchers: Alexander Chernev

April 16, 2007