Ameet Morjaria
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Ameet Morjaria

Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

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In Some Markets, Competition Can Do More Harm Than Good

A study of the Rwandan coffee industry shows how informal contracts can break down as new competitors enter, resulting in higher costs and lower quality products.

Researchers: Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria

September 1, 2021


How the Coffee Industry Is Building a Sustainable Supply Chain in an Unstable Region

Three experts discuss the challenges and rewards of sourcing coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Researchers: Ameet Morjaria, Sara Mason and Angel Mario Martinez Garcia

August 14, 2018


Disposable Income Is Rising in Africa. What Happens Next?

A Q&A about growth trends in African markets.

Researchers: Ameet Morjaria and Aubrey Hruby

August 9, 2016


Does Democracy Curb Corruption?

A clever study investigates the link between where roads are built and who is in power.

Researchers: Robin Burgess, Remi Jedwab, Edward Miguel, Ameet Morjaria and Gerard Padró i Miquel

February 1, 2016


No Contract? No Problem

How the Kenyan flower industry thrives in the absence of formal contracts.

Researchers: Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria

September 8, 2015