Cynthia S. Wang
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Cynthia S. Wang

Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations; Executive Director of Kellogg's Dispute Resolution and Research Center

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Working Parents Feel Pulled in Two Directions. What Does This Mean for Companies?

A new study looks at what happens when parental and professional identities collide.

Researchers: Rebecca L. Greenbaum, Yingli Deng, Marcus Butts, Cynthia S. Wang and Alexis Smith

December 1, 2021


Podcast: Why Conspiracy Theories Abound—and How to Push Back

COVID conspiracies have a powerful psychological allure. On this episode of The Insightful Leader, we explore how to combat them.

Researchers: Cynthia S. Wang

October 22, 2021

Social Impact

How Did COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Get So Out of Control?

Misinformation is thriving in an environment where people feel disconnected. Social media isn’t helping.

Researchers: Benjamin Dow, Amber Johnson, Cynthia S. Wang, Jennifer A. Whitson and Tanya Menon

September 7, 2021

Social Impact

How Does a Polarized U.S. Move Beyond Its Current Conflicts?

A discussion about the psychology of group conflict, the risks of rampant misinformation, and the importance of resilient institutions.

Researchers: Cynthia S. Wang and Brian Uzzi

March 30, 2021


Don’t Let Your Company Culture Falter During the Pandemic

Changes to work routines offer opportunities to rethink and shore up your organization’s ethos.

Researchers: Cynthia S. Wang

December 2, 2020


The Political Divide in America Goes Beyond Polarization and Tribalism

These days, political identity functions a lot like religious identity.

Researchers: Eli J Finkel and Cynthia S. Wang

October 29, 2020

Politics & Elections

Uncertainty. Loss of Control. Why COVID-19 Is a Perfect Storm for Conspiracy Theories.

And how policymakers can help make them less appealing.

Researchers: Cynthia S. Wang

April 17, 2020

Social Impact

The Psychology Behind Conflict—and When It Can Be Harnessed for Good

A conversation about the role conflict plays in organizations and communities.

Researchers: Brian Uzzi, Nour Kteily and Cynthia S. Wang

January 3, 2020


Most Employees Retaliate If They're Slighted at Work

Here’s how managers can break the cycle of office conflict.

Researchers: Lindsey Greco, Jennifer A. Whitson, Ernest O'Boyle, Cynthia S. Wang and Joongseo Kim

July 1, 2019


Podcast: Revenge of the Customer Service Rep

Why employees sabotage customers, and what companies can do about it.

Researchers: Yu-Shan (Sandy) Huang, Rebecca L. Greenbaum, Julena M. Bonner and Cynthia S. Wang

March 7, 2019


Customers Can Be Jerks. Here’s Why Some Employees Retaliate.

But take heart, companies can curb that instinct for revenge.

Researchers: Yu-Shan (Sandy) Huang, Rebecca L. Greenbaum, Julena M. Bonner and Cynthia S. Wang

December 5, 2018


Conspiracy Theories Abound. Here’s How to Curb Their Allure.

A new study shows how feeling more in control can limit conspiratorial thinking.

Researchers: Jennifer A. Whitson, Joongseo Kim, Cynthia S. Wang, Tanya Menon and Brian D. Webster

August 7, 2018