Ellen Taaffe
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Ellen Taaffe

Clinical Associate Professor of Management & Organizations; Director of Women's Leadership Programs

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Podcast: How Should You Present Yourself at Work?

Be yourself! No, not like that. On this episode of The Insightful Leader, we help you navigate the competing advice about how much to share and hold back.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe and Derek D. Rucker

January 17, 2024

Do You Overprepare? Here Are 4 Ways to Curb This Perfectionist Tendency.

Women are particularly susceptible to the overpreparation trap, argues Ellen Taaffe in this excerpt from her new book, The Mirrored Door.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

June 1, 2023


3 Tips for Reinventing Your Career After a Layoff

It’s crucial to reassess what you want to be doing instead of jumping at the first opportunity.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

January 3, 2023


Take 5: Learn to Love Networking (or at Least Tolerate It)

First, you got to nail the basics.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe, Craig Wortmann, Edward (Ned) Smith, Leigh Thompson, Brian Uzzi and and coauthors

July 29, 2022


Mulling a Career Pivot? 3 Things to Consider

Knowing your own motivations can help you successfully transition to a new role or industry.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

December 1, 2021


Podcast: The Art of Giving Good Feedback

On this episode of The Insightful Leader: how to talk so that your team (and boss) will listen.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

November 8, 2021

3 Tips for Conquering Self-Doubt at Work

High achievers often worry they aren’t qualified to weigh in. Here’s how to get past those self-sabotaging thoughts.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

August 21, 2020


Podcast: How to Give Feedback That’s Actually Helpful

Forget the “feedback sandwich.” On this episode of The Insightful Leader, we’ll tell you how to up your game.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

January 30, 2020


Take 5: How to Be Prepared for Important Career Moments

Expert advice on getting ready to network, negotiate, or make your case to the CEO.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins, Craig Wortmann, Victoria Medvec, Rob Apatoff and Ellen Taaffe

November 4, 2019


Ready to Reenter the Workforce? Read This First.

Four suggestions for transitioning back to work after a long break.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

August 8, 2019


How to Make Inclusivity More Than Just an Office Buzzword

Tips for turning good intentions into actions.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

January 4, 2019


Take 5: How to Take Charge of Your Professional Development

Kellogg faculty offer advice for every stage of your career.

Researchers: Diane Brink, Harry M. Kraemer, Victoria Medvec, William Ocasio and Ellen Taaffe

January 2, 2019


Podcast: Our Most Popular Advice on Improving Relationships with Colleagues

Coworkers can make us crazy. Here’s how to handle tough situations.

Researchers: Eli J. Finkel, Ellen Taaffe and Jeanne M. Brett

June 11, 2018


You’ve Climbed the Corporate Ladder. What’s Next?

How to create a meaningful “second act” for your career.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe

April 3, 2018


Podcast: Give Better Feedback

An expert on marriage and a former executive offer advice on giving and receiving constructive criticism.

Researchers: Ellen Taaffe and Eli J. Finkel

November 9, 2017