Jennifer Pendergast
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Jennifer Pendergast

John L. Ward Clinical Professor in the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative; Executive Director of the Center for Family Enterprises

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Podcast: How a Century-Old Family Business Is Adapting to the Pandemic

On this special episode of The Insightful Leader: a conversation with the chairman and the CEO of Griffith Foods about leading with purpose during the crisis.

Researchers: Jennifer Pendergast, Brian Griffith and TC Chatterjee

July 31, 2020


This Isn’t Their First Crisis: Many Family Businesses Are Uniquely Prepared for the Looming Recession

Even so, one of their core strengths could become a liability.

Researchers: Jennifer Pendergast

May 4, 2020


How Family Businesses Can Adapt for the Next Generation

Five tips for staying relevant—and successful—as an “enterprising family.”

Researchers: Jennifer Pendergast

July 1, 2019