Jeroen Swinkels
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Jeroen Swinkels

Richard M. Paget Professor of Management Policy; Professor of Strategy; Chair of Personnel Committee

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Take 5: How to Motivate Employees

Research sheds light on which employee incentives work best.

Researchers: Rongzhu Ke, Jin Li, Michael Powell, Daniel Barron, George Georgiadis, Jeroen Swinkels, Todd A. Gormley, David A. Matsa, Julia D. Hur, Loran Nordgren and Erika Deserranno

July 5, 2017


Finding the Right Performance Incentives to Motivate Employees

Some incentive schemes encourage hard work—others reward those who game the system.

Researchers: Daniel Barron, George Georgiadis and Jeroen Swinkels

October 10, 2016


Minimum Wage Matters

Increasing the minimum wage may not help low-wage workers

Researchers: Ohad Kadan and Jeroen Swinkels

June 1, 2010