Nancy Qian
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Nan­cy Qian

Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

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Why Economic Crises Trigger Political Turnover in Some Countries but Not Others

The fall­out can hinge on how much a country’s peo­ple trust each other.

Researchers: Nancy Qian, Nathan Nunn and Jaya Wen

September 4, 2018

Politics & Elections

How the Potato Ushered in an Era of Peace

Its arrival in Europe had con­se­quences that went far beyond diet.

Researchers: Murat Iyigun, Nathan Nunn and Nancy Qian

May 2, 2018


Does Immigration Help or Hurt Local Economies?

His­tor­i­cal­ly, where immi­grants clus­ter in the U.S., pros­per­i­ty follows.

Researchers: Nathan Nunn, Nancy Qian and Sandra Sequeira

June 6, 2017