Niko Matouschek
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Niko Matouschek

Professor of Strategy, Department Chair of Strategy

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How the Wrong Team Can End Up with Too Much Power in an Organization

Employ­ee incen­tives that made sense at the time can lead to prob­lem­at­ic pow­er dynamics.

Researchers: Jin Li, Niko Matouschek and Michael Powell

December 1, 2017


Video: Let Virtue Build Your Bottom Line

Trust­wor­thi­ness pays off, espe­cial­ly in the midst of uncertainty.

Researchers: Niko Matouschek and Grover Wray

August 2, 2016


Video: To Build Trust with Customers, Show That You Are in It for the Long Haul

A researcher and a trust­ed CEO share tips to boost loyalty.

Researchers: Niko Matouschek and Larry Rosen

April 7, 2016


Managing Trust in the Workplace

The per­ils of break­ing promis­es to employees

Researchers: Jin Li and Niko Matouschek

October 7, 2013


Adding Friction to the Market

In employ­ment, mak­ing hir­ing and fir­ing eas­i­er is not always the way to go

Researchers: Niko Matouschek, Paolo Ramezzana and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud

August 1, 2011


When Does Coordination Require Centralization?

Con­trary to expec­ta­tions, decen­tral­iza­tion might be the best strat­e­gy when the need for coor­di­na­tion among divi­sions is paramount

Researchers: Ricardo Alonso, Wouter Dessein and Niko Matouschek

October 1, 2008