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Nour Kteily

Professor of Management & Organizations

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What’s Behind the Rush to Join an Internet Pile-on?

A new study investigates the reputational rewards of publicly condemning others before getting the whole story.

Researchers: Jillian J. Jordan and Nour Kteily

January 30, 2024

Social Impact

How Former Enemies Can Develop Trust

A simple intervention can help diffuse animosity toward onetime armed foes, a study shows.

Researchers: Emile Bruneau, Andres Casas, Boaz Hameiri and Nour Kteily

August 1, 2022


Why Do Some People See Inequality Where Others Don’t?

A new study helps explain societies’ deeply polarized views on bias and discrimination.

Researchers: Hannah Waldfogel, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, Oliver Hauser, Arnold K. Ho and Nour Kteily

June 1, 2021

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How a “Hypocrisy Intervention” Could Reduce Hostility toward Muslims

People are often hypocritical in how they assign blame for terrorist attacks. Highlighting this could help change attitudes.

Researchers: Emile Bruneau, Nour Kteily and Ana Urbiola

March 3, 2020

Social Impact

The Psychology Behind Conflict—and When It Can Be Harnessed for Good

A conversation about the role conflict plays in organizations and communities.

Researchers: Brian Uzzi, Nour Kteily and Cynthia S. Wang

January 3, 2020


Take 5: Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

What to understand about this critical, but surprisingly complex, trait.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Nour Kteily, Loran Nordgren and Brooke Vuckovic

April 8, 2019


Which Gold Medalists Do We Tweet About? Liberals and Conservatives Differ

New research explores how political ideology can affect whose accomplishments we celebrate.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Matthew D. Rocklage, Kaylene McClanahan and Arnold K. Ho

January 17, 2019

Politics & Elections

Podcast: How the Boston Marathon Bombing Created a Rorschach Test for Perceptions of Race

And how a Kellogg professor found himself unexpectedly involved in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Sarah Cotterill, Jim Sidanius, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington and Robin Bergh

January 17, 2019


How Much Empathy Do You Feel When Powerful People Suffer?

What about less powerful people? Your answers likely depend on how egalitarian you are.

Researchers: Brian Lucas and Nour Kteily

June 4, 2018


What Makes Deceit Such a Hard Habit to Break?

New research gets at the psychology behind serial misconduct.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Kyle Dobson, Adam Waytz and Nour Kteily

April 2, 2018

Social Impact

When Do People Label Attackers as Terrorists versus Mentally Ill?

New research shows that people’s assumptions go beyond stereotypes.

Researchers: Masi Noor, Nour Kteily, Birte Siem and Agostino Mazziotta

March 1, 2018

Social Impact

How Are Black–White Biracial People Perceived in Terms of Race?

Understanding the answer—and why black and white Americans may perceive biracial people differently—is increasingly important in a multiracial society.

Researchers: Arnold K. Ho, Nour Kteily and J. M. Chen

December 6, 2017


Why Do You See the World as More Fair Than I Do?

The amount of racism or classism you perceive likely depends on how much you favor social hierarchies.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington and Arnold K. Ho

June 7, 2016

Podcast: Does What Candidates Say Matter?

Understanding political rhetoric in this heated presidential race.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Julie Hennessy and Thomas N. Hubbard

March 28, 2016

Politics & Elections

How Hateful Rhetoric Can Create a Vicious Cycle of Dehumanization

The way we feel perceived can have dangerous consequences.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Gordon Hodson and Emile Bruneau

January 4, 2016

Social Impact

The Danger of Dehumanizing Others

People who think other groups are less evolved are more likely to support retaliation against them.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Emile Bruneau, Adam Waytz and Sarah Cotterill

December 8, 2015

Social Impact

Two Distinct Motivations Drive Violence against Americans in the Middle East

Lessons about cultural dominance have implications for the business world.

Researchers: Jim Sidanius, Nour Kteily, Shana Levin, Felicia Pratto and Milan Obaidi

August 3, 2015