Ravi Jagannathan
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Ravi Jagannathan

CME Group/John F. Sandner Professor of Finance; Co-Director, Financial Institutions and Markets Research Center

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Understanding the Rapidly Evolving World of Sustainable Finance

It’s no longer a niche investment strategy—and it has the potential to deliver strong returns.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, David Chen, Brian Bruce and Lloyd Kurtz

February 17, 2021

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What Previous Recessions Can Teach Us about the Coronavirus Crisis

From stimulus strategies to how businesses will fare, research on past downturns can help inform our outlook today.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, Filippo Mezzanotti, Sara Moreira, Jacopo Ponticelli and Scott R. Baker

March 24, 2020


Is Maximizing Shareholder Value a Thing of the Past?

Top CEOs recently “redefined” the purpose of a corporation. Kellogg faculty weigh in.

Researchers: Carola Frydman, Ravi Jagannathan, Robert Korajczyk, José Maria Liberti and Aaron Yoon

September 19, 2019

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What's in Your Investment Portfolio?

Here’s what our faculty have to say about assessing new stocks, investing in green companies—and the benefits of benign neglect.

Researchers: David Chen, Janice C. Eberly, Ravi Jagannathan, Robert Korajczyk, Matthew R. Lyle and Louis Simpson

The Case for Investing in Green Companies

Sustainably minded firms are more likely to withstand industry shake-ups.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, Ashwin Ravikumar and Marco Sammon

May 2, 2018

Social Impact

Why Do Companies Turn Down Profitable Investments?

Limited organizational bandwidth can restrict managers’ options.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, David A. Matsa, Iwan Meier and Veha Tarhan

What Really Spurred the Great Recession?

Globalization and the U.S. dollar are as much to blame as banks.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, Mudit Kapoor and Ernst Schaumburg

Why Do IPO Auctions Fail?

‘Free riders’ and the ‘winner’s curse’ can lead to less-than-desirable outcomes. But some auction features can lend transparency to the traditional IPO approach.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan and Ann E. Sherman