Robert Korajczyk
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Robert Korajczyk

Harry G. Guthmann Professor of Finance; Co-Director, Financial Institutions and Markets Research Center

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Consider This New Measure of Profitability When Constructing Your Portfolio

Researchers construct an intangibles-adjusted profitability measure that can benefit investors.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, Robert Korajczyk and Kai Wang

What Is the Purpose of a Corporation Today?

Has anything changed in the three years since the Business Roundtable declared firms should prioritize more than shareholders?

Researchers: Aaron Yoon, Ravi Jagannathan, Carola Frydman, Robert Korajczyk and José Maria Liberti

January 17, 2023

Finance & Accounting

Jeff Ubben Explains His “Anti-ESG ESG” Investment Strategy

In a recent conversation with Kellogg’s Robert Korajczyk, the hedge-fund leader breaks down his unique approach to mission-driven investing.

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk and Jeff Ubben

When a Bunch of Economists Look at the Same Data, Do They All See It the Same Way?

Not at all, according to a recent study, which showed just how much noise can be introduced by researchers’ unique analytical approaches.

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk, Dermot Murphy and and coauthors

January 7, 2022


Does GameStop Signal the End of Short Selling as We Know It?

A conversation with a prominent short seller about the possible consequences of a wild week on Wall Street.

Researchers: Scott Fearon and Robert Korajczyk

January 29, 2021

Finance & Accounting

How to Pick a Loser

A hedge-fund manager explains what most traders get wrong about short selling and when to go long on a diamond in the rough.

Researchers: Scott Fearon and Robert Korajczyk

Is Maximizing Shareholder Value a Thing of the Past?

Top CEOs recently “redefined” the purpose of a corporation. Kellogg faculty weigh in.

Researchers: Carola Frydman, Ravi Jagannathan, Robert Korajczyk, José Maria Liberti and Aaron Yoon

September 19, 2019

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What's in Your Investment Portfolio?

Here’s what our faculty have to say about assessing new stocks, investing in green companies—and the benefits of benign neglect.

Researchers: David Chen, Janice C. Eberly, Ravi Jagannathan, Robert Korajczyk, Matthew R. Lyle and Louis Simpson

“One of the Investment Greats” Explains His Portfolio Strategy

A Q&A with renowned investor Lou Simpson.

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk and Louis Simpson

November 2, 2017

Finance & Accounting

Do High-Frequency Traders Deserve Their Bad Rap?

Though suspicions abound, HFTs generally help markets function and grow.

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk and Dermot Murphy

November 2, 2015

Finance & Accounting

Going Beyond “Buy Low, Sell High”

What is risky to short-horizon investors may not be risky to long-term investors.

Researchers: Avraham Kamara, Robert Korajczyk, Xiaoxia Lou and Ronnie Sadka

Hedging Your Bets Is Still a Gamble

Hedge funds and other alternative assets can underestimate risk, overestimate returns

Researchers: Gregory Connor, Lisa R. Goldberg and Robert Korajczyk

Picking Up Pennies for Profit

Predictable stock price patterns

Researchers: Steven L. Heston, Robert Korajczyk and Ronnie Sadka

Pricing a Global Measure of Liquidity Risk

Investors should not overlook the impact of liquidity on the prices of assets

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk and Ronnie Sadka

September 4, 2007

Finance & Accounting

Cashed Out

Kellogg finance scholar examines impact of trading costs on stock profitability

Researchers: Robert Korajczyk and Ronnie Sadka

April 11, 2007

Finance & Accounting