Thomas N. Hubbard
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Thomas N. Hubbard

Elinor and H. Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management; Professor of Strategy; Faculty Director of Insight

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Could This Be the End of Noncompetes?

The FTC’s proposed rule is hardly a done deal—but here’s what it could mean for companies and workers.

Researchers: Thomas N. Hubbard and Mark McCareins

May 17, 2024


Podcast: Is There a Right Way to Monitor Worker Productivity?

On this episode of The Insightful Leader, we consider the benefits and drawbacks of keeping a very close eye on employees.

Researchers: Thomas N. Hubbard, Sarit Markovich and Hatim Rahman

April 3, 2023


Nursing Shortages Cause Real Harm to Patients. Policymakers Should Pay Attention.

During COVID, governments eased hiring restrictions. A Kellogg economist explains why the labor market should stay flexible.

Researchers: Thomas N. Hubbard

June 2, 2021


Take 5: What Science Says about Your Summer Vacation

Kellogg faculty explore the psychology and economics of common travel conundrums.

Researchers: Achal Bassamboo, Kent Grayson, Thomas N. Hubbard, Maryam Kouchaki, Martin Lariviere and Derek D. Rucker

July 3, 2018


Why Income Inequality among White Collar Workers Is Growing

Top earners benefit most from “knowledge hierarchies” in organizations.

Researchers: Luis Garicano and Thomas N. Hubbard

July 5, 2016


Podcast: Does What Candidates Say Matter?

Understanding political rhetoric in this heated presidential race.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Julie Hennessy and Thomas N. Hubbard

March 28, 2016

Politics & Elections

Let Business Be Your Muse: Turn Your Workplace Wisdom into Haiku

Join Kellogg’s strategy faculty in putting your favorite lessons into verse.

Researchers: David Dranove, Meghan Busse, Thomas N. Hubbard and Sarit Markovich

February 1, 2016


Getting the Growth Strategy Right

In industries ripe for supercompetitors, adopting the right growth strategy is key.

Researchers: Thomas N. Hubbard, Paul D. Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi

September 2, 2014


What Gas Stations Tell Us about the Ups and Downs of Consumer Demand

How do industries react to demand shocks?

Researchers: Jeffrey R. Campbell and Thomas N. Hubbard

January 2, 2013


Playing Well Together

The ability to share information about economic opportunities motivates firms to expand their boundaries

Researchers: Luis Garicano and Thomas N. Hubbard

February 1, 2008