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Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?

Crowdsourced Wikipedia entries are more biased than Encyclopaedia Britannica articles.

It Pays to Be Honest—Even When You’re Selling Junk

Disclosing flaws can drive auction bids up.


The Superfluousness of Realtors

Homes sold through Realtors do not garner a price premium over ones sold by owners.

Finance & Accounting

Maximize the Returns, Lower the Risk

Using the right tools to grow savings and improve investment outcomes.


To Bluff or Not to Bluff

Game theory says it’s pure mathematics. But human psychology matters, too.


Is Economic Growth a Question of Culture?

A decade of research shows how culture seeps into economic decisions.


Online Brands Show Their Stuff Offline

Building brick-and-mortar showrooms can have big payoffs for online retailers.


Does Immigration Increase Crime?

Nationwide statistics suggest no impact on violent crime.


The Sluggish Multitasker

Cognitive demands aside, multitasking can be inefficient and demoralizing


Statistics That Hurt

Racial discrimination still affects minority wages


A Year at the FTC

Combinations, conduct, and competition in healthcare


Freed from Employment Lock

Obamacare may lead people to choose to leave the labor market.


The Risks and Rewards of Experience Abroad

Do past international investments help or hurt a company’s chances of succeeding in a new market?


How to Win at Risk

A Q&A with Russell Walker about risk management


The Importance of Appearing Savvy

Women especially benefit from knowing market rates for car repairs


Teaming Up to Cash In

How does competition work in the venture capital industry?


All Gain from Guaranteed Access to Key Goods and Services

A guaranteed minimum distribution system is optimal


Who Wants to Be First Mate On a Sinking Ship?

Companies in financial distress have trouble attracting the talent they need to right themselves

Social Impact

Being Smarter with CSR

This special issue devoted to corporate social responsibility (CSR), with articles written by our faculty, was published in conjunction with the Kellogg-Aspen Conference