Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2019
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Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2019

Kellogg Reunion 2019 will feature many of the Kellogg School's distinguished faculty presenting on topics vital to business leaders. Here is a collection of their research and expertise.

Visit the reunion homepage for more information.

Employees share values

Does Your Company Actually Live Its Values?

Stating corporate principles is great; embodying them is better.

How to be prepared

4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation

Don’t let a lack of prep work sabotage your great ideas.

A wine expert guides a consumer in a shopping cart through a river of wine, to a particular group of bottles.

Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do.

Rather than follow consumer taste, they push it in a new direction.

An outdated man works at his computer.

Don’t Let Complacency Derail Your Career

How to hone your learning agility and take good risks.

A storyteller describes a shoe by a fire.

How to Empower Customers to Tell Your Company’s Story

Their “experience with your product carries more weight than any marketing message you can come up with.”

A female entrepreneur at work

How to Foster Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

A Q&A with four entrepreneurs about the global startup landscape—and what governments can do to help.

people engage in conflict with swords

Podcast: Our Most Popular Advice on Improving Relationships with Colleagues

Coworkers can make us crazy. Here’s how to handle tough situations.

data visualization technique best practices
Data Analytics

Data Visualization: More Than Pretty Pictures

Data visualization techniques are integral to memorable and persuasive messaging.

Panic of 1907 compared to the Great Recession
Finance & Accounting

Why the Panic of 1907 Led to a Recession

Understanding this history sheds light on the 2008 financial crisis.

An uninsured person struggles to pay for hospital care.

Under the ACA, the Cost of Caring for the Uninsured Decreased for Hospitals

The benefit has come only in states that expanded Medicaid.

Consumer trust influences a savvy customer's purchasing decisions in the supermarket.

How to Make Ads That Even Savvy Customers Trust

People are more skeptical than ever about marketing—but that doesn’t mean they distrust all of it.

successful entrepreneurs are most often middle aged

How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs?

A definitive new study dispels the myth of the Silicon Valley wunderkind.

Corporate leaders make a social impact by building a house.
Social Impact

“If You’re Inconsistent, You’re Toast.”

Companies serious about social impact are taking a deliberate stand on issues in line with their core business.

Trying to borrow money from the bank.
Finance & Accounting

Which Businesses Are More Likely to Get a Loan During a Credit Crunch?

Banks get picky when cash dries up.

Wrecking ball destroys news.

Podcast: Why Do So Many People Distrust the News?

Plus, how to avoid being duped by fake news yourself.

Data analytics are used to design an office.
Data Analytics

To Get the Most from Data Analytics, Reward Intellectual Curiosity Across Your Company

Don’t relegate big data to sales and marketing. Let it permeate the culture.


How Today’s Clergy Are Putting Their Faith in Management Training

Like CEOs, faith leaders face challenges running large organizations in a rapidly changing landscape.

A master baker and her unhappy apprentice.

Why Do Trainees Get Stuck with So Much Grunt Work?

There must be faster ways to get them up to speed. Yet grueling apprenticeships persist in medicine, law, and the trades.

Man wearing luxury-brand clothes walks with a cold wind behind him, chilling three people he passes.

Why We Can’t All Get Away with Wearing Designer Clothes

In certain professions, luxury goods can send the wrong signal.​

Engagement marketing means asking how to help your customers.

5 Ways to Authentically Engage Your Customers

To improve your customer engagement strategies, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.”

Marketers collect qualitative and quantitative data.
Data Analytics

What Might Be Missing from Your Analytics Strategy

Quantitative data is not enough to solve your trickiest problems.

A woman shakes a man's hand.

Are Women More Ethical at the Negotiating Table? It’s Complicated.

Plus, how women are judged differently when they break the rules.

Brand Scandal Spillover

When will a brand scandal spill over and how should competitors respond?