Focus on Strategic Marketing Communications
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Focus on Strategic Marketing Communications

To succeed in today’s marketplace, leaders must think differently about their marketing communications.

Read more for insight from Kellogg faculty who are at the forefront of teaching strategic approaches to marketing communications.

For more learning opportunities, we encourage you to explore this Executive Education course.

Measuring the success of a digital advertising campaign.
Data Analytics

Is Your Digital-Advertising Campaign Working?

If you are not running a randomized controlled experiment, you probably don’t know.

The Myth of the Perfect Tweet

Strategy meets execution in digital-age marketing.

This customer may be a harbinger of new product failure

The Customers You Do Not Want

If these “harbingers of failure” love what you do, you are in trouble

Build a Better Brainstorm

How to capture all the ideas in the room.


To Defend or Not to Defend?

What to do when a competitor enters your industry

An employee struggles to show empathy in the workplace.

I (Don’t) Feel Your Pain

Having been there does not always increase empathy.