Focus on Trust
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Focus on Trust

Explore the multidimensional nature of trust through Kellogg Insight articles, as well as videos from The Trust Project at Northwestern University.

By connecting scholars and executives from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and research, this unique body of knowledge enables you to systematically build and proactively manage trust in your organization.

Pin down the components of trust.

Cultivating Trust Is Critical—and Surprisingly Complex

Don’t rely on intuition for something this important.


Video: Are You Making the Wrong First Impression?

When building trust, it is not enough to demonstrate competence.

Pin down the components of trust.

Video: To Build Trust with Customers, Show That You Are in It for the Long Haul

A researcher and a trusted CEO share tips to boost loyalty.

The final stretch of a job can prompt unethical behavior.

Employees Are More Likely to Cheat on Their Way out the Door

The temptation to act unethically is plentiful in the gig economy.

Maintaining business relationships can be invaluable.

No Contract? No Problem

How the Kenyan flower industry thrives in the absence of formal contracts.

Company naming strategies provide clarity for consumers.

Companies, Choose Your Name Wisely

The right name can signal that you are a safe bet.

Trust in reputation might expose us to greater risk of opportunistic agents.

We Trust Reputation. Should We?

The power of reputation might expose us to greater risk.

Researchers asked, can Wikipedia be trusted?

Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?

Crowdsourced Wikipedia entries are more biased than Encyclopaedia Britannica articles.

Honesty in business can increase sales for even lower quality items.

It Pays to Be Honest—Even When You’re Selling Junk

Disclosing flaws can drive auction bids up.

Managing reputational risk can minimize consumer harm.

The Risks of a Good Reputation

How reputation and trust function in commercial transactions and the sharing economy.

Shareholder activism creates corporate change.
Social Impact

How Do Activists Create Change?

Small reforms can lead to profound transformation.

Cultural biases in economic exchange stem from weak bilateral trust.

Cultures of Trust

The way countries view one another affects trade and investments.