Kellogg on Social Impact
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Kellogg on Social Impact

The current global business landscape challenges organizations to innovate in ways that not only provide economic value, but also create a positive impact on their communities.

Read on for insight from Kellogg faculty on best practices for businesses to create meaningful social impact.

Social Impact

Design Thinking Isn’t Always the Answer

The most durable solutions for social change come from within communities.

People enjoying social responsible wine.

You Can Taste the Benevolence

If your customers know you donate to charity, will they like your products more?

To succeed, foreign aid and health programs need buy-in and coordination with local partners.
Social Impact

Communities Are Partners, Not Beneficiaries

Advice for getting global health projects off the ground.

As a mobile money platform, M-Changa fosters Kenya's culture of reciprocity and allows people to easily support the injured.

A Crowdfunding App that Pays the Bills

A startup in Kenya captures an underserved market.

Purpose is at the heart of Marketing 3.0

Philip Kotler on Marketing’s Higher Purpose

How social marketing can be a force for good.

Social Impact

The Hidden Drivers of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Understanding the impact of everyday interactions can help rally support for initiatives.

Social Impact

Corporate Activism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

An interview about how social movements continue to shape corporate behavior.

Shareholder activism creates corporate change.
Social Impact

How Do Activists Create Change?

Small reforms can lead to profound transformation.

Transforming Mining into a Development Industry

Can the industry become a responsible, reliable partner for local communities and the environment?

Social Impact

And the Poor Get Poorer

The economics of higher global temperatures.