Kellogg on Sustainability
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Kellogg on Sustainability

A collection of research and insights from Kellogg faculty on how business leaders and society can foster sustainability.

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sustainable operations and growth go hand in hand

Going Green Can Be Good for the Bottom Line

Sustainable operations and greater growth can go hand in hand.

Investing in eco-friendly practices and eco activities improves operating performance

Can Going Big on Eco-friendly Practices Really Pay Off?

The case for doing even more than swapping out lightbulbs.

A customer weighs the environmental benefit of a green product.

Shh! Don’t Tell the Customers that Their Solar Panels Will Save Them Money

Green marketers should stick to a single message. But which one?

Social Impact

The Price of Pollution

How much does environmental activism affect a corporation’s bottom line?

Social Impact

Design Thinking Isn’t Always the Answer

The most durable solutions for social change come from within communities.